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Plan to get low income renters on their way to owning home, says new research

Plan to get low income renters on their way to owning home, says new research.

A new report from the University of Sydney suggests that while there is “some evidence” that the “first time renters don’t want to own a home, it’s not so widespread” and that when you consider their finances it’s easier to purchase a small detached home that would put a family on the path to owning their own home.

In a new study conducted with former Reserve Bank economist and Australian Economics Association Fellow Dr. Tom Laffer, the researchers conducted the research with a group of prospective renters about the likelihood of the future desire to purchase a home.

One-quarter of respondents indicated that they had not purchased a home in the past year and only two percent reported that they expected to do so within the next two years. This was when the study found that almost half of those who reported wanting to buy and hold on to a home would not do so.

The lack of desire for the purchase of a home was also evident among those who would like to buy a home in the future. For those in the future, only 10.5 percent of respondents indicated they would buy a home in the next year and 9.4 percent indicated they would do so in the ne더킹카지노xt five years.

So it isn’t that “the first time” renters do not want to buy a home, it is simply that the desire to buy is much lower than they had thought.

Dr. Laffer explains why this is important to note,

“A key explanation for why the first time renters may actually want to purchase is that many consi우리카지노der themselves to be ‘not in the real estate business’. They are not in the market for a mortgage. They are simply not interested in paying a large deposit or paying the full valuation when first deciding to buy,” Dr Laffer said.

Dr. Laffer points out that many of the reasons why people initially aren’t interested in buying a home may not exist for the next 12 to 18 months but rather it will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the person’s situation and situation.

The study says that these reasons ajarvees.comnd factors may vary considerably for both renters who wish to own the home to those who would like to purchase it.

However, once the data is aggregated it seems that the “first time” renters are much less likely to want to buy a home within the next year to follow-up after the initial 12 to 18 month purchase period but in fact, the desire to buy over th

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